Server Consolidation

If your servers are underutilized, you may be throwing money out the window. Many companies only run at 15-20 percent server capacity, which results in unnecessary expenditures for space, energy, cooling costs, and hardware maintenance. Server consolidation leads to a more efficient allocation of server resources and improves your ROI. Who couldn’t use some of that these days?

CynXsure’s expert team has the field experience necessary to consolidate your server infrastructure, and the know-how to deliver a simplified system that performs better than the old one. CynXsure starts with an analysis of your current and historical server allocations and needs. Using that data, we design and implement a functional plan to reduce server count while improving server performance.

CynXsure knows how to get to the core of your server needs. Our personalized approach helps you manage your expenses with a server consolidation plan made just for your company.

Reduce monthly costs and improve profitability – contact CynXsure today to find out how easy it is

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