Remote Backup

You know how important data is to your business. You may even have a backup plan in place. But ask yourself this: if you needed to restore from backup, how difficult would it be and how long would it take? If your backup plan requires physically transporting tape backups from one location to another, the answer is: “too long.” CynXsure’s remote backup allows you to automatically back up all of your business data locally and to a secure, remote site using only your existing internet bandwidth. It’s easy, automatic, and can save you hours of downtime and frustration.

CynXsure’s Remote Backup Service Provides:

• Secure, cloud-based data storage
• Automatic 256 AES data encryption backup to two offsite locations for extra security
• Industry standard protocols to keep your data safe
• Scalable data storage- only pay for what you need
• Emergency assistance for data restoration
• Proactive monitoring and user reports
• Expert tech support
• Compatibility with all major operating systems
• Automated alerts in case of error or if service is affected for any reason
With zero attention required and nothing to remember, remote backup is a great way to protect your business. And should your data ever be lost, CynXsure will have it restored quickly and reliably, with minimal down time.

to review your current backup plan and find out how it can be better.

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