Pre Tax Season Tuning

Are you ready for tax season? The last thing you want to worry about during the busiest time of year is a technology problem. A pre-tax season IT “tune up” will provide peace of mind and allow you to process your client’s returns efficiently, securely, and without glitches. CynXsure knows what you need to keep your accounting firm running smoothly.

A pre-tax season tune up by CynXsure can include:
• Assessing your IT environment and addressing any potential problems
• Upgrading software and training your staff to use it effectively
• Ensuring you are in compliance with financial data security regulations
• Making a plan to protect critical tax data against loss and security threats
• Streamlining workflows to ease the January – April crunch

CynXsure has real-world experience designing and implementing technology solutions for accounting firms from 10 to 200 employees.Our proactive approach will keep you humming during your busy season, and enhance productivity year round.

Let us prepare you to exceed your client’s expectations. Contact CynXsure today

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