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Non Profit

Count on your IT the way others count on you

For non-profit organizations, helping others is job #1. But balancing philanthropy with the technology tools you need to accomplish it can sometimes be a challenge that takes the focus away from your primary mission.

At CynXsure, we understand that when technology is properly aligned with the goals of the organization and working as expected, your precious resources of both time and money will be kept where they belong; in the communities being served, helping people in need.

CynXsure helps non-profits not only by building streamlined IT systems and databases designed specifically for their needs, but also by maintaining IT systems for optimum performance and proactively addressing problems before they affect your work.

Whether your IT needs are basic or complex, from IP telephony to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), CynXsure provides comprehensive IT solutions you can rely on. That takes technology concerns off your plate and puts the focus back on your good work.

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