Exchange Hosting

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, and without the right tools it can be challenging to stay productive while on the go. Microsoft Exchange provides web-based email and information sharing capabilities to support an increasingly mobile workforce – but it requires a heavy investment in infrastructure.
With a hosted Exchange model, you can enjoy all the benefits of secure, on-the-go access without the upfront investment

Exchange Hosting from CynXsure:

• Eliminates server hardware and software license costs
• Delivers enterprise-class Exchange hosting with a predictable fee structure
• Provides services for Blackberry, Goodlink, and Active Sync mobile devices
• Gives users fast, SSL encrypted, secure, remote access to email, contacts, calendar, and notes
• Reduces administration and support overhead
• Scales up or down with your business needs
• Provides for automatic backup at our datacenter, which is staffed by a real person 24/7
• Offers optional secure messaging, archiving, and disclaimers

CynXsure’s expert Exchange hosting and support help you maintain professional email and information sharing without wasting time or money.

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