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Get the maximum return from your technology investment -

Modern accounting firms have increasingly adopted technology as a tool to automate tasks, increase efficiency, and work toward achieving a paperless office. When this technology is optimized for business processes, it can provide a clear, measurable ROI by:

• Streamlining workflows to ease the January – April crunch
• Enhancing productivity year-round and enabling faster growth
• Attracting fresh talent and increasing employee satisfaction and retention
• Providing advanced business intelligence for improved forecasting and marketing
• Protecting clients’ sensitive financial data from malicious attack, and the firm from legal or governmental action for not protecting it adequately

But it can be difficult to separate must-have technologies from those that will waste your time and money. The same is true for technology providers. When looking for a partner or an IT staff member, try asking them the following:

“How familiar are you with software solutions by CCH, Creative Solutions, and Lacerte – and the trouble spots of each?”
“Can you recommend specific efficiency improvements to increase our busy season productivity?”
“Can you outline the pros/cons of the various document management solutions and portal solutions available?”
“What are the minimum requirements to bring our firm into compliance with the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act ?”
“How does outsourcing tax return prep impact our client disclosure requirements?

If the answer to any of these questions is “huh?” it’s time to seek out an accounting expert.

CynXsure speaks the language of accounting

CynXsure designs solutions that meet the real challenges faced by today’s accounting firms. We understand that you need solutions tailored to the specific challenges of your firm, that come with support from experts who understand the inner workings of your business as well as the larger trends in the accounting industry. We offer our clients:

• Specific technical expertise in the accounting field, with real-world experience designing and implementing technology solutions for accounting firms from 10 to 200 employees
• A deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of available technology solutions
• Big-picture perspective on the accounting industry, including trends and compliance issues
• A dedication to finding the simplest, smartest, best solution to your problem, based on a budget that is in proportion to its benefits
• A proactive approach to system design resulting in a lean organization that supports the current business and is ready to grow
• A proactive service strategy designed to address issues before they become problems

At CynXsure, we believe that knowing your business is as important as knowing ours. That is why we attend CPA specific seminars such as AICPA, CCH, Thomson, and Boomer Technology Circles. When your business is counting, you can count on CynXsure.

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