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Why Cynxsure

No matter what type of business you own, there have traditionally been only two basic options for business technology design and support:

A) Outsource to a general IT services firm…
This option gives you flexible service plans and 24 hour support. But you are likely to end up with a force-fit solution that is based more on their vendor list than your business needs. And when you have a problem, it is all too common for you to get stuck in a battle of finger-pointing between the service provider and the product vendor.

B) Hire an in-house IT staff…
IT staff is a dedicated resource and always available for break/fix, but they add high fixed costs to your operating expenses. And while they may appear more specialized than a general IT firm, they most likely have developed all of their “industry expertise” while working for you - limiting their perspective on overall industry trends, impactful events looming on the horizon, and available solutions.

Now you have better option

C) All of the above – and then some…with CynXsure
Instead of trying to be all things to all people, CynXsure focuses our talents on a few select industries, offering services that encompass the best of all worlds. When you engage CynXsure you have our full attention and the benefit of our broad vision of the technology landscape in your industry. We provide a unique combination of in-depth expertise and big-picture savvy that ensures you get a solution that is based on industry best practices and optimized for your needs. 
CynXsure gives you the flexibility of outsourcing, the dedication of in-house staff, and the big picture savvy that adds real bottom-line value. Take the first step toward optimized technology that drives maximum value. Contact CynXsure today.

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