Who We Serve

Who We Serve

CynXsure provides clients with a team of experts who specialize in the unique computing, networking, administration, and application needs of CPA firms, law firms, non-profit organizations and commercial clients.  We have extensive real world experience designing systems for companies like yours.  Our specialization means we have a “big picture” view of your industry and know what solutions will work for you.

Here are just a few areas where we can help:

• Pre-tax season audits
• Maximize professional hour
• Regulatory compliance
• Knowledge of industry trends
• Security and data protection
• Improved efficiency

• Automate tasks
• Maximize professional hour
• Software recommendations and implementation best practices
• Analyze technology options on a cost benefit basis
• Protect sensitive client information

• Focus on your purpose, not your IT
• Streamline processes
• Provide remote access
• Data security

• Remote access
• Data protection
• Improved work flow
• Data Backup

No matter what level service you require, CynXsure provides reliable, comprehensive IT solutions.  Let us take care of your IT issues so you can concentrate on your core business.  Give us a call!

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