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Technology that makes sense for your business
These days, it’s no secret that technology affects many critical aspects of your business. But what may be less obvious is how your total technology environment affects your internal efficiency, your security posture, and even your competitive ability. Crafting a technology strategy that is optimized for your specific business needs provides:

• Streamlined workflows that increase overall efficiency and productivity
• Remote access for mobile and global team members and customers
• The ability to increase revenue without increasing staff
• Advanced business intelligence for improved forecasting and marketing
• Protection of sensitive data from malicious attack, and your business from legal or governmental action for not protecting it adequately

CynXsure speaks the language of business
At CynXsure, we believe that knowing your business is as important as knowing ours. Our experts have experience across a broad array of industries and will dive into the inner workings of your business as well as the larger trends in your industry to make sure our recommendations are dead-on. We offer our commercial clients:

• Specific technical expertise in business technology, with real-world experience designing and implementing technology solutions for businesses from 10 to 200 employees
• A deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of available technology solutions
• Big-picture perspective on business technology, including trends and compliance issues
• A dedication to simple, smart solutions
• A proactive approach to system design resulting in a lean organization that supports the current business and is ready to grow
• A proactive service strategy designed to address issues before they become problems

CynXsure has the real-world, hands-on experience to design solutions tailored to the specific challenges of your company, and we back it up with proactive, expert support. Once you have CynXsure as your technology coach, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without us.

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