What’s Driving Your Success?

Whether or not you consider technology to be a focal point of your business, chances are good that it represents a considerable investment of resources. In return, technology should be driving greater efficiency, business intelligence, employee satisfaction, and growth. Is yours?

CynXsure; An Enlightened Approach to Technology

CynXsure is a technology consultancy with broad IT experience and niche industry expertise that we use to enlighten and empower our select clients through a proactive approach to technology. We provide clients with a team of experts who specialize in the unique computing, networking, administration, and application needs of CPA firms, law firms, non-profit organizations and commercial clients.

Our recommendations are based on years of experience with proven solutions and best practices relevant to your business – not on the monthly sales special or the coolest new gadget. We are dedicated to liberating our clients from technology worries so that they can advance with the confidence that technology is driving the business forward – not holding it back.

We offer clients a full range of services including:
• Consultation
• Design
• Procurement
• Implementation
• Proactive monitoring and support
  • CynXsure has worked closely with several clients to develop a comprehensive written information security plan (WISP) for compliance with the new Massachusetts Privacy Law 201. CMR 17.00. Contact us to learn how your firm can benefit from our experience.
  • Post-Tax Season Review. Starting in May, we will start meeting with our clients to review 2011/2012 IT goals and accomplishments while laying the ground work for next tax season.  As part of this process we are reviewing system functionality and staff best practices to ensure each firm is maximizing IT resources. Contact us to learn how your firm can benefit from our experience.
  • CynXsure once again reduces technology woes and simplifies disaster recovery for Accounting & Law firms by implementing a secure, reliable, automatic, and budget friendly remote backup solution. to learn how your firm can benefit from our experience.